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Mini Strategy Sessions

1 on 1 strategic planning with executive coach and sales trainer, Robin Bush. Let’s take this journey together as we explore these new challenges!


Benching Marking and Productivity Analysis

Strategizing Work from Home

Leaders all over the country have been catapulted into remote operations for their entire staff. While this had been a growing trend prior to the pandemic, the suddenness of this mandate has many executives clamoring for strategies to not only make this time productive, but also deeply supportive and meaningful for their employees who are rightfully fearful of what this crisis means for their jobs. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.


Yes, even in a pandemic

New Business

Empower your sales team to thrive online. Together, we’ll brainstorm how the unique challenges of today are aligned with your business’s processes, products, and strengths. We’ll then create some action items to take to your sales leaders for accountability and motivation to foster a stronger sense of belonging through overcoming shared obstacles. Let’s harness this drive towards cooperation to fill your sales pipeline.


Reset, Refocus and Recharge

Personal Support

Leadership is lonely, and this thing we’re in is scary. It’s ok to need someone to talk to, and that’s the core reason I do this work. Think of me like a friend you can open up to, but one who is training specifically to tune into the unique emotional stressors faced by executives. Maybe you are over-leaning on your spouse to release work stress. Maybe you’re stuck in a spiral of uncertainty that feels inescapable. Let’s take a deep breath and refocus with a polished lens.

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Hi, I’m Robin. How can I help?

With so much uncertainty, now is the time to hit reset and focus on what you can control and influence. I design my coaching sessions to help you identify the areas of growth in the presence of your current reality.

By considering the big picture, it opens up the opportunity to address emotions, concerns, values and obstacles that are holding you back. Discovering and processing through the challenges leads to new opportunities while equipping you with new tools to use in how you strategize the next step toward success.

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“With everything you do, attitude dictates outcome.”

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