What I do


To bring awareness of how we can become more effective and purposeful agents of change in our lives. My role is to not change your mind, but rather ask you to be open to exploring potential insights on how you can be more successful in your role in life, personally and professionally.


Where I'm going


With awareness, skill development, application and growth, one has the power to make the choice and be an agent of change personally and professionally. The sky is the limit.


Why I do it


It is my passion to bring out the best in every individual and help them realize their amazing potential. Through experiential learning, individualized feedback and reflection, my belief is to partner and collaborate together to reach the goals and expectation set forth.

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From Robin’s Desk

My calling to become a coach came early on in my life. Being actively involved in athletics and having great coaches who invested, inspired and gave me direction, on the court and off, I quickly realized my purpose in life. That purpose to help others and to make a difference in their world has been my driving force for over 25 years of teaching. It wasn’t until four years ago, in taking on a new role, that the next step in my journey became crystal clear. My Dad was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer. He was given a year and a half to live as long as he completed radiation and chemotherapy.  My role of being a daughter changed forever. I found myself looking into a much different lens in life, assessing what needed to change to give him hope. This consisted of making daily goals of the basics, from walking to understanding language, supplemented with repetitive structure, encouragement and support.  Emulating bravery looks different to everyone. In my case, he taught me to be brave as I coached him on the simple things in life to hang onto.

At this time in my life, with my experience in my career teaching and with my personal experience, it’s the right time for me to refine and acquire a new skill set in life. I want to be the change and help others discover their potential in life and in their career.

“The son my father never had”

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