Why Modern Car Dealerships Should Prioritize Customer-Centric Sales Strategies in 2024

Over the last few years, the automotive industry has undergone significant changes. Consumers have become more informed and demanding, so the traditional sales model no longer works. Nowadays, for car

7 Online Business Coaches: Business Coaching Online to Reach Your Goals

We live in a digital world. From making interpersonal connections to running Fortune 500 companies, people are working and connecting online. In times past, coaching and consulting took place on-site;

The Complete Connection in Leadership; Head, Heart and Gut.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you should trust your gut? Have you been told to lead less with your heart and more with your head? This can

Living in the Fast Lane

Living in the fast lane of life has become “the norm”.  This sentiment is plastered on Instagram, advertised on television, and ingrained in our media. There is always a task

The Connection to Emotions

As humans, we are one of the most interesting creatures roaming this earth. Our genetic makeup consists of over 27 emotions that we feel and experience. According to studies, in

The Trifecta of Shame

Shame is a big, bad and powerful emotion. It is an emotion that has the potential to hijack a person, in every way, shape and form. That’s because it thrives

The Shadows of Strength

As a kid, I was incredibly fortunate to grow up on forty acres and have my grandparents as my next-door neighbors. I craved spending time with them, as they would

Understanding Conflict to Give Feedback Constructively

One of my students recently asked me, “How do you effectively manage conflict in the workplace?”.  I paused for a moment to consider how to respond. Conflict arises for many

The Rising Concern of Employee Ghosting

“Ghosting” is a term commonly used in the dating world when a person suddenly disappears without explanation. No email, text or call. The only sign that they are alive is

What Makes a Great Leader?

Leadership means different things to different people. According to The Leadership Institute at Harvard College, leadership is described as “the skill of motivating, guiding, and empowering a team towards a

The Right Seat in The Bus

“How do I know if I am sitting in the right seat of the bus?”. This question was posed by a friend of mine who was really struggling in her

The Opportunities of Blind Spots

The innovation of a blind spot monitoring system in cars has made a tremendous impact on safety since its inception. No matter what is happening around you, the sensors notify

Strength Training for Leaders

The purpose of an effective leader is to support, inspire and motivate those around them to reach their potential. It takes a great wealth of skills to encourage such qualities.

How to Lead Generational Cultures in the Workforce

Over the past few years, I’ve had an incredible opportunity to work with leaders from all over the world. When asked to come up with a list of employee issues

Building Resiliency Through Leadership Development

The dynamics in the workplace are ever-changing. Each day there are new obstacles and challenges that arise, whether they be with individuals, teams or at the management level. Change is

Change Your Mindset on Button Pushing

Have you ever…. Gone to a grocery store and everyone seems to just leave their cart in the middle of an aisle? Experienced a driver on the road that doesn’t