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Personal Development

Transformational Personal Development begins with you identifying a need for change in your life. Whether big or small, it is a realization that you want more from life than what you are currently getting.  The path of development begins by expanding your awareness and perception: how you see yourself, how you think, act and respond to opportunities and challenges in your life. This process of discovery and growth is powerful as you learn to move the energy from the ways you have always done things to the new ways of the future. With an open mind, a clear purpose and a vision, the transformation will empower you uncover your authentic self and embrace the change your soul craves.

So the question is how do you navigate to finding your purpose (why) and begin this personal transformation? Below are a few tips to begin your intentional journey…

Begin by reflecting inward and evaluating the aspects of your life that you feel a connection to: Your career, health, emotional well-being, interpersonal, spiritual, finances, etc. In what areas are you extremely satisfied? What areas are challenging?
The power of self-discovery and self-awareness is pivotal in maximizing growth. As you adopt a growth-mindset, your perspectives will shift, allowing you to let go of the old and embrace the new. This process is both liberating and powerful as it allows you the opportunity to turn your purpose and vision into goals.
Once you’ve determined what your goals look like, putting your plan into action is a next step towards making the transition to the life you desire.

Are You a Natural Leader?

The Leadership Intelligence Test

The Leadership Intelligence Test was designed to give you a snapshot of your natural leadership skills based on your responses to a handful of hypothetical scenarios. In order to achieve the most meaningful test result, please be honest with yourself when answering each question. This is not a competition to get the highest score; it is a tool to use as a launch pad for improving your leadership skills, as well as how you connect with yourself and others.

Never Stop Striving

While leadership styles may vary, one character trait shared by all great leaders is their thirst for knowledge. As part of Robin’s own journey for continual improvement, she engages in new classes, training, and is constantly reading up on the latest research in social psychology and interpersonal communication. Her blog and newsletter curates this information into easy-to-understand articles in a variety of categories such as career advancement, health and wellness, emotional intelligence and more. Join our reading list for period notifications about new articles and quench your thirst for learning.

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