Leadership Intelligence Quiz

Please by honest with yourself when answering these questions and don't simply pick the answer that sounds the most geared towards a "leader" personality. The goal is to accurately assess your current situation to find the most appropriate next steps in your personal journey. 
When engaging your audience, do you
I am open to
I find myself
When working with my team, I
I train and develop my people consistently
The vision and mission are
In my role, I
When the end goal doesn’t get met like I envisioned it, I
At work, I find myself
I am most comfortable
I am able to
I have a clear vision of success
I generally have a
I am confident that I have the right people in the right roles
When solving a problem, I
I always
When faced with road blocks or setbacks in the pursuit of my goals, I always
People often
I am often driven by
I am a role model
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