Change Your Mindset on Button Pushing

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  1. Using the worksheet, determine the button pushing behavior that gets under your skin. Once you have noted the behavior, record the emotion you feel when your button is being pushed.
  2. Consider your value(s) that the behavior undermines and record it.
  3. Next, consider what actions you should avoid when your buttons get pushed.
  4. Reflect on how you can neutralize your reaction and record it.
  5. Self-talk is considered to be your inner voice that supports a new response to your button being pushed. Determine what your self-talk will be.

Use the Button Pusher Worksheet to determine what items may not match your values and how that manifests in your interactions with others.



Key Takeaways

Discover what your values are and what undermines them.

Connect your emotions with button-pushing behaviors.

Learn how to neutralize your unwanted reactions from button-pushing actions.

Utilize self-talk to change your behavior and better cope with unfavorable actions of others.


Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.

― Albert Einstein