Robin Bush is my choice here at General Motors! We have made it a point to schedule our trainings around her calendar for years now. She works tirelessly to keep it fresh and engaging, which can be a great challenge when you are conducting a session for 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week. The feedback that the new hires give has Robin at the top of the list as being the fulcrum of their learning. Thank you for all that you do for us!

Elton Nikaj Avatar Elton Nikaj
November 15, 2018

If I had to describe Robin in a word it would be "excellence". Robin brings her best to everything she does and her clients are the better for it. I don't know anyone who works as hard to elevate the abilities of those who are lucky enough to train with or be coached by her.

Carol Little Avatar Carol Little
November 6, 2018

I have had the pleasure of working with Robin Bush over the last five years. Robin's ability as a facilitator is exceptional. She has a wonderful combination of retail automotive knowledge combined with outstanding facilitation skills.

Daniel Hill Avatar Daniel Hill
November 1, 2018

I have worked with Robin for over 5 years. She is a talented facilitator, always bringing her A game. Robin knows her craft and has the power to inspire and motivate.

Alexis Weng Avatar Alexis Weng
October 30, 2018

I had the pleasure to attend a Leadership Training as well as Coaching Sessions with Robin and have to say it was really transformational. She's very knowledgeable, insightful and really talented (plus she's a great listener)! If you look for a coach and is not sure where to start why not start with your right feet? Then reach out to her! Robin coached me through critical career moments and was a great resource. I truly appreciate the support! 5 Stars!

Natan Alves Avatar Natan Alves
October 30, 2018

Robin is an insightful coach that is quick to understand how best to help others improve in their roles. Whether she’s working with the C-Suite or front-line employees, she demonstrates the expertise of someone with extensive and valuable experience.

John Schell Avatar John Schell
October 23, 2018

Robin’s genuine desire to make individuals become better leaders shines through with every interaction I had with her, from day 1 of the course to each of the subsequent coaching sessions. Her coaching skills are so top notch that it never felt like I was being coached but rather easily led to different insights and realizations through our conversations. Her ability to tactfully question and re-phrase dialogues enabled me to think and become a stronger more confident leader. She has a gift to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships in such a way that it has developed my thinking, and more importantly, my actions.

Lynn Samuel Avatar Lynn Samuel
October 16, 2018

Robin has been an inspirational leader to my team through the development and execution of Fast Track. She has inspired and motivated new Sales Consultants with this adventure in retail, automobile, sales. Her leadership has improved Sales Manager's ability to lead and to motivate, as well as the Sales Consultants ability to develop lasting relationships with their clients.

Lyle sweeter Avatar Lyle sweeter
October 9, 2018

I've worked with Robin for the past four years. It's hard to pinpoint her best quality, but I am constantly impressed by her intuition. She has an uncanny knack for sensing the issues that are holding you back and then laying out concrete, achievable steps for improvement.

Jeff Travilla Avatar Jeff Travilla
October 4, 2018

Robin brings great energy to the coaching process. She is confident, deeply insightful and candid. There is no way not to benefit after having Robin coach you!

Jackie & Mark Rybka Avatar Jackie & Mark Rybka
September 28, 2018